2009-7-1 · Covering a total landscape of 63,000 square meters, the factory has its own mold tooling design and developing center, plastic injection center, packaging center and assembly building, plus a 5 story dormitory that accommodates 1000 workers and sports facility.


2002-7-16 · 32041400 --Direct dyes and preparations based 6.5 CH,US 0. thereon--Vat dyes (including those usable in . that state as pigments) and . preparations based thereon: 32041510 ---Synthetic indigo (reductive indigo) 6.5 CH,JP,US 0. 32041590 ---Other 6.5 CH,JP,US 0. 32041600 --Reactive dyes and preparations 10.8 6.5 2008 CH,JP,US 0. based thereon


2006-2-21 · SANY Group Products Manual SANY On Oct. 3rd, 2003, Mr. Hu Jintao, Secretary-general of Central Committee of the CPC and the President of our country, made an inspection tour to Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, and sent words to Sany people: you had a magnificent past yet. Wish you unite as one, and have a better future! On Apr. 7th, Mr. Zeng Qinghong, member of Standing Committee of FACTORY DIRECT SALES TAIWAN SERVO MOTOR PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE


2016-5-30 · «Intera» is a machine-building factory in Pavlograd was occured from the research-and-production association «Intera», which was formed in August, 19, 1991. From the first days the enterprise is engaged in development and introduction of non-standard decisions, designs and technologies.

 · Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.China - China

BLD - CMA coating abrasion test machine (rotary) microfiber cloth 1. According to the BLD - CMA (the American association of kitchen utensils and appliances), mainly used in the certification body, cookers use laboratory test products of the company. 2. Use voltage 220 v, 50 hz, the use of adjustable speed electric motor.